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Shush Monthly 1: Isle of Gods: the dazzling Wes Anderson

May 2, 2018

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Noun: shush; plural noun: shushes

  1. A curated, monthly publication of my favorite articles, media, insights, and all-things-fun to bring a bit of art, culture, and design into our hectic lives.

  2. A formal invitation to SHUSH the noise, listen, share, and live in the moment. 

  3. Starter pack to quieting your basic bitch. For the love of god, please stop taking photos in front of art in contemporary art museums because it isn’t Coachella. 

Nice to meet you!

My name is Annie Cai, designer & art enthusiast living in beautiful San Francisco, California.


Design has always been my passion. With every project, I strive to create beautiful, emotional experiences.


I work across various mediums, including digital design, film, sculpture, and writing—and I am in the process of learning lots more. 


I dabble in some other identities as well including: book wormceramicistfreelance artist, cinephile, Ira Glass's #1 fan, Car-surfer, Arcade basketball extraordinaire, walker of tightropes, lover-of-well-told-stories


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