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Mystery Box

For the full, online experience, I invite you to put on headphones, play the song with the video

The Mystery Box is an experience. There is no better way to put it.

Visitors walk up to a large, black box hanging from the ceiling surrounded by curtains. They are asked to put on a pair of headphones. They are asked to step inside the box. The experience begins. 


the gallery

In building the Mystery Box, I wanted to create an immersive experience similar to Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms—but instead, portable, inexpensive, and accessible. 

The build process pushed me outside of my creative comfort zone, forced me to work with my hands, and tackle an artistic project of larger scale than any I had attempted before. The end result was thee Mystery Box.


When inside the Mystery Box, the song Stars by Brian Eno would play on loop.

Here are some other images of the Mystery Box build process and installation.

Title: Mystery Box

Gallery: Creativity Lab Art Gallery 2018

Creator: Annie Cai

Special Thanks: Nathan Szeto and Abigail Guadarrama

Size: 21’’ x 21’’

Material: wire string lights, foam board, acrylic mirror sheets, duct tape, black acrylic paint, 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Spray Adhesive

Sound: Stars - 2005 Digital Remaster (Looped) - Brian Eno


1.     Wear a mask outdoors when using spray adhesive if you want to breathe normally after spraying it. 

2.     Art projects help you differentiate your good friends from your bad friends. Only good friends are willing to help paint a giant black box and kill their lungs with spray adhesive. 

thank you

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