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Lolipop Logo black.png

A sweet new take on content 

Lolipop is a new type of social media platform, aimed at revolutionizing the way we consume content

For this project, the client gave me free reign to develop the brand, logo, typography, color scheme, prototypes, and investment pitch deck from scratch, as you'll see, we started at the very beginning, with a mood board, and good-old-fashioned pen-sketched wireframes

Please note, the product is still a work in progress, and has not officially launched, so please do not share the work below

Landing page

Landing Page Dark vPC.png

Prior iterations

landing page v1.png
landing page v2.png

Mood & Inspiration board

brand and landing page inspiration.png

Brand guide

Brand scheme.png

Logo & favicon design

Final logos

Lolipop Logo black.png
Lolipop Logo white.png

Draft logos

Logo drafts.png



More to come

sorry, UIUX is shy and can't be shared until post investment pitch

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