Let's Eat!

April, 2018

Because life is always better when you can share that large, slightly guilt-filled order of Chipotle chips and guacamole with someone you love

the problem

You’ve got countless apps to communicate with friends. Sometimes it feels like relationships only exist electronically. When there is a call-to-action to bring you all together—be it a friend's birthday, happy hour, or just BOGO at Chipotle—it's hard to sort out the logistics. What time works for everyone? Where? Should we share Google Calendars? 

The burden of planning it all detracts from the simplicity of its purpose: a great time with friends.

the solution

Let’s Eat is a social platform for you and your friends to skip straight to the good stuff—great food, even better company!

Let’s Eat allows you to list your dining plans and browse those of your friends, meet new people at your regular restaurants, and enrich the dining experience. Let’s Eat can show you which of your friends are eating at which restaurants or suggest new people to eat with!


browse for restaurants near you


see your favorites and the ratings


invite more friends to your meet-up'


the more the merrier!


see friends already there & those going soon


makes spontaneous lunches easy


check over event & send out invites to all


easily see everyone going


schedule a lunch meet-up


easily access Yelp to browse food options


view on in-app calendar or export to other calendars


integrated with Google Calendar

our process

We worked in rapid innovation cycles, a concept where each week we rotate through 4 key steps: opportunity recognition, solution selection, market experimentation, and experimental results. By using the rapid innovation cycle concept, we applied agile development processes to our work.

opportunity recognition:

aka, do people even want this? 


What method(s) do you use to schedule meals with friends?


How long does it typically take to schedule a meal with a friend?


Would you use an app that helps you schedule meals with your friends?

our prototypes

Bugs, boo boos, and internal frustration that releases itself in the form of

late-night McDonalds orders.

It's all part of the design process.

Here's some prototypes. Here's to celebrating our failures.

meet our team

Annie Cai

Benj Marston

Steve Hwang

- - - 

Let's Eat was an app prototype designed by Annie Cai, Benj Marston, and Steve Hwang for the Rapid Prototyping class at UC Berkeley.


With this class, we had 8 weeks to design a business, and launch iterations of it. A huge thanks to our professor, Chris McCoy for his support—this project pushed us in ways we didn't know before, and opened our eyes to the value of "act. plan later."

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