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Noun: shush; plural noun: shushes

  1. A curated, monthly publication of my favorite articles, media, insights, and all-things-fun to bring a bit of art, culture, and design into our hectic lives. 

  2. A formal invitation to SHUSH the noise, listen, share, and live in the moment. 

  3. Starter pack to quieting your basic bitch. For the love of god, please stop taking photos in front of the neon art in contemporary art museums because it isn’t Coachella. 

December 23, 2018

If I could write a memoir in David Sedaris’s fashion I would split it into two parts, titled, “un” for the part of me that lived before reading Me Talk Pretty One Day and “deux” for the time after. This little motif would reference both how much the book changed my lif...

May 2, 2018

With the recent release of Isle of Dogs, I have once again dived head-first into the world of Wes Anderson. I jumped down the internet rabbit-hole and curated this collection of videos, articles, and music for those looking for a bit more Wes Anderson in their lives.


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